OneHub Temporarily Down : Service Updates

OneHubs service for some customers has been down since Saturday. We apologise sincerely for this loss of service.
This is effecting lots of our customers. Here we will update when the service is likely to be back on:


➡️ Update 22nd March @ 16:00 UTC

We are now migrating all content and will be choosing a new host today, even if the server comes back online.

In the meantime, so you all have access to new content, we are putting all new packs in this folder (you do not need to download via FTP, just use your browser please). Here is the link, it will not change, please save it and refresh for new content. 21st and 22nd is uploading in to it right now. Please give it 2 hours to complete before downloading those 2 days, other days you can download right away.

Download Link:


⚠️ Update 20th March @ 17:00 (UTC Universal)

OneHub have stated all our customers will be able to access the server within 2 hours from this update (so by 19:00 UTC). If it is not, we will email blast out new music to ALL FTP customers.



*We will now start to migrate all content to a new host. Any recommendations would be welcome, please email them to us.